Carbs Aren't The Enemy!

Carbs Aren't The Enemy!


For years, we’ve been fighting the stigma that surrounds type 1 diabetes.. the ‘should you be eating that?’ ‘If you just cut carbs out of your diet, you wouldn’t need insulin’ & it needs to STOP!

You don’t have to eat less carbs to manage your blood glucose levels.
Yes, carbs influence our blood glucose levels, but it doesn’t mean that we should cut them out of our diet.

Following a low carb diet is NOT the only way to manage your blood glucose levels.

Instead, we should learn how to use insulin for different kinds of food & have confidence in bolusing for them.

My HBA1C is 6.7% (50mmol/mol).
I don’t follow a low carb diet & I never will.
Life is far too short & I quite frankly can’t imagine life without pizza on a regular occurrence.

Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy that fuel the brain, kidneys, heart and nervous system. They play a vital role in managing our overall health.

Carbs should not make up 100% of your diet, but not eating enough of them can cause negative side effects, such as fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, weight gain, constipation & trouble sleeping..

If a low carb diet works for you, that’s great.
But please don’t preach that lifestyle onto other people, because for some of us that isn’t the life we choose to live & we shouldn’t be shamed for it.

Also, carbs aren’t the only thing that impact our blood glucose levels, there’s 42 factors that can impact our blood glucose levels.

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