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'Diabetic' Silicone Bracelet

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Medical Alert Silicone Bracelet!

 'Diabetic' 1 Inch Wide Silicone Bracelet

These medical alert wristbands are a simple and effective way to communicate your diabetes, to help ensure you get better care in an emergency. A medical identification (ID) bracelet can save your life, especially If your blood sugar drops very low (hypoglycemia). In an emergency, it provides vital information about your health to first responders when you can't communicate. 

These Bracelets are soft, flexible and very strong. They are totally waterproof and are great for normal day to day wear as well as for swimming and other sports. and washable. They are perfect for sports, running or school. The writing is actually cut into the silicone (debossed) then filled with special ink. This means that they are easy to read and the writing will not rub off. 

Lightweight, comfortable to wear

  • One Size approx - 20cm x 1 Inch
  • One Bracelet per order.
  • 100% hypo-allergenic (non-toxic)
  • 100% Silicone. Latex free.
  • Available in Black.