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About me

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes back in 2013, it came as a complete shock, I had no knowledge on the condition & I felt isolated.
I found a few pages relating to diabetes on Instagram & that was when I noticed there is a whole community of diabetics… there's thousands of us, no joke... & it all started from there.

I created my own page and started posting about my day to day life with diabetes, sharing the ups and downs to raise awareness & let others know that they’re not alone!

The support has been insane over the last 3 years & I’m incredibly grateful to have found the Diabetes online community.
However Diabetes was still very medical looking & I wanted to change that!
I started designing products relating to diabetes. Shortly afterwards was when @Type1badassxoshop was created.
This was all just a hobby to begin with, but over the years it’s become a lot more than just that. It’s become a passion, a dream to make those living with diabetes feel less alone, less medical looking & more fun!

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