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BadassPatches - Dexcom G6

BadassPatches - Dexcom G6

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These are suitable for the Dexcom G5 & G6 only.

These patches come with the hole cut out of the middle. 

We use hypoallergenic, non-woven synthetic fibers that are permeable to moisture, meaning the skin can breath and air can circulate. 

STRONG & BREATHABLE - They are also strong, breathable and super sticky. Meaning they conform easily to your sensor, protecting it from door frames & pesky items of clothing. Sticky enough to hold your sensor on, and breathable enough not to peel off. 

EASY PEEL – Our backing tape is cut down the center, making it easy to remove and apply. Simply split the tape down the center, and then peel both sides off at the same time. 

ADHESION - Our acrylic adhesive is kinder to the skin, and stronger, than Zinc Oxide glues, making our tapes perfect for sensitive areas of the body, and easy to remove and without residue. We'd always recommend a test patch if you have a known history of taping allergies.

Badass Patches are made using a medical grade adhesive that is water resistant against showering, bathing and even swimming, The quick-dry cotton fabric, breathable material moves with your skin, ideal for active lifestyles.

Badass Patches are designed to fit over your CGM to protect it from door frames and pesky items of clothing. Safe for all ages and made specifically for those with sensitive skin.

They are ultra strong & suitable for UP TO 10 days use per patch.

The adhesive is hypoallergenic, 100% medical-grade and is non-irritating to most skin types.

Size; 9cm x 7cm

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